The Basic Facts You Need to Know About V2 Electronic Cigarettes

It is fun and easy to use electronic water vapor cigarettes. It is as easy as lighting up a traditional tobacco smoke, but much safer. Understanding how they work makes it more fun and interesting, plus helps answer any questions you may have about them.

First of all, there are no ashes, smoke, carbon monoxide or other toxins, and no odor. The “smoke” is simply water vapor produced by and electric coil and a battery. The water vapor is from the e-liquid which contains the flavor and nicotine that has been chosen by the user.

Components of the electric cigarette are basically the same. There is the battery, flavor cartridge, and atomizer. In some electric cigarettes, like V2 cigs, the cartridge and atomizer are one component, called a cartomizer. In others, they are separate, at the user’s discretion. Batteries are either manual or automatic, depending, again, on the user’s choice.

A typical starter kit, bought with a V2 cigs coupon, is composed of the following:

• One or more batteries
• One or more chargers, either car, portable, or wall adapter
• One or more atomized cartridges with flavor and nicotine level if chosen
• One manual for instructions

This is all you need to get started vaping, as it is called. The instructions are simple, easy to follow, and quick to read. You can read the owner’s manual while doing the first full charge of the battery.

Getting started

Getting started is simple. You need to plug the battery into the included USB adapter. You then plug the adapter into the wall or your computer. Which charging, the LED light will be red, and will then change to green when fully charged.

Once charged, simply screw the flavor cartridge/atomizer into the battery. The flavor cartridge is what gives it the taste. Buy yours from the online store with a V2 cigs coupon code for the lowest prices. Currently, the best deal is the V2 Cigs – 20% Coupon Code “EVAPE20″ that gives an overall discount of 20% on your whole order. It expires Sept 30. You get a different discount with another type of V2 cigs coupon.

Each flavor cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of tobacco smokes. It is much easier to carry around the flavor cartridge than it is to carry a pack of cigarettes. It is also much cheaper, especially if you have bought it with a V2 cigs coupon code, such at the one expiring Sept 30, the V2 Cigs – 20% Coupon Code “EVAPE20″ that gives a 20% discount.

Constant Change

The electric cigarette is in a constant state of change as new technology are discovered and implemented. Many brands, however, are staying with what they had, refusing to believe they can improve it. This is not true of V2 cigs. They are constantly being re-examined in light of new developments in order to bring the user the latest, up-to-date product.

The nicotine vapor in these cigarettes is much safer than it is in tobacco. Tobacco contains over 3000 ingredients. Many of these have been proven to be toxic to humans. But, with electronic models, there are only three ingredients in the nicotine flavor cartridge. These are:

• High grade flavoring such as is used in food production
• Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (purest product)
• Propylene glycol, which has been proven harmless to humans as used

Propylene glycol is generally not debated to be fairly safe (if not entirely for those other than 10% of people with allergies) used in the manufacture of many food and cosmetic products. The FDA recognizes it as safe. It is used in order to turn the water into vapor at a much lower temperature.

To insure purity, this brand assigns a batch number to every manufactured product. The batch number can be matched to an online list of ingredients and procedures to insure safety and purity.

Battery Choices

There are two types of batteries – manual and automatic. With the manual battery, the user has to push a button before puffing to heat up the atomizer. With the automatic battery, it is automatically turned on when the user puffs the e-cig. Some prefer the manual, saying it is possible to get more heat, which gives more vapor, appearing more like tobacco cigarette smoke. Others prefer the automatic for the ease of use.

To get the same thick, rich water vapor with the automatic as you do with the manual, the user needs to prime it first by taking several long, deep draws. This will help heat the e-liquid more and gives a heavier vapor cloud.


Already one of the lowest priced electronic cigarettes, the bargain gets even better with a V2 cigs coupon code. The current one, which expires on Sept 30, is the V2 Cigs – 20% Coupon Code “EVAPE20.” This V2 coupon gives a 20% discount on everything you purchase on your order.

With low price and attention to detail and product improvement, this brand of electronic water vapor cigarette surpasses others. It is a viable alternative to the harmful traditional tobacco smokes.

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V2 Cigs are one of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes due to their high standard of quality. This brand is easy to locate both online and in local stores. When choosing a brand of electronic cigarettes there are a lot of factors to consider. Electronic cigarettes are notorious for saving smokers money, but with this particular brand users can save even more due to the fact that coupons are offered from time to time. Saving money in today’s day in age is important. Not only does this brand offer great low prices on their starter kits, they also offer great low rates on refill cartridges as well. Accessory items from V2 are also available for users to choose from. Accessories can range from extra batteries, chargers, and even uniquely designed e-cig carrying cases.

Where to Find Coupons for V2 Electronic Cigarettes

The V2 Cigs coupon can be found online. Interested parties simply need to use their favorite search engine to run a web search. When looking for coupons to save money on V2 Cigs you should be sure to only use coupons from a reliable source. Obtaining a coupon from an unreliable source could end up with you not saving any money at all. Beware of sources that ask for money in exchange for a coupon for this product. These are not legitimate sources.

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The Incredible Variety That V2 has to Offer

V2 has so much to offer electronic cigarette users. The variety is simple limitless. Not only do they offer all of the necessities that a smoker could need to get started with electronic cigarettes and stay in stock, V2 also offers a wide selection of disposable models as well. Disposable electronic cigarettes contain roughly two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Users throw them away when the cartridges are empty. These models are great for those who are on the go or traveling. The battery life on disposable models does not last as long as other models from V2. The wide selection of blends is sure to bring delight to the taste buds of anyone regardless of what their particular tastes are. Traditional flavors like menthol as well as more exotic flavors like pineapple and cherry are available. Both disposable models and traditional models both are offered with varying milligrams of nicotine.

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